Who Makes a Good Cafe2U Franchise Owner?

If you are passionate about coffee and enjoy meeting a lot of people and making them smile, then you’re well on your way to being a successful Cafe2U owner.

Cafe2U owner/operators spend their day outside, serving coffee to well over 100 people a day. They develop relationships with their customers, know their names, know their children’s names and know their orders.

“You get to meet so many great people,” franchisee Steve McCarthy said. “You’ve got to take an interest in people and make them smile. I’m a good friend of all my customers, and I just make them smile.”

Franchise Owner Michael Dolahenty says it’s good to be the type of person who wants to play a role in the community. “Your people skills don’t have to be super strong, but it’s important to just keep building relationships so that people get to know you. They’ll love your coffee, but a lot of it is relationship building, too. Once you’ve got some of these things established, the money part — the profits start flowing.”

Relationships are a key part of the business. Customers are not only loyal to Cafe2U coffee — they will be loyal to you. The coffee, sandwiches and snacks may be the tangible products that you are selling, but customers will also be eager for your smile and your banter. You will be a friend.

You will also be a bit of an entertainer — even if you don’t follow Steve McCarthy’s lead by donning a clown suit. When people go to a coffee bar, all the magic happens behind a counter, where the espresso machine is hidden from view.  With Cafe2U, you’re standing with your customers as you make their coffee. They get to see you grind their coffee, pack it into the coffee ground holder, steam the milk and use it to create charming latté art. There’s a lot of panache and some drama that really adds to how enjoyable a morning cup of coffee can be.

It also helps to be patient, said Bob Crossman of Clovis, Calif. While most people will quickly understand the appeal of espresso delivered to their door, others will take a little time. “You’ll have a boss who isn’t interested when you first offer to bring coffee to his office, but if he’s near one of my other customers, he’s going to see my van every day. Pretty soon, somebody in his office is going to come up and say “Hey, why don’t you come over here?” Bingo — new customer.

Cafe2U Franchise Owners

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