Who Are My Customers?

Coffee is an egalitarian beverage. The CEO and the janitor both love a good latté, and Cafe2U owners  will wind up chatting with both of them over the course of a day.

The common thread that unites Cafe2U customers is that they tend to lack access to great coffee. While many of our customers prefer our coffee to what they can get at coffee shops, we don’t go out of our way to compete with existing businesses. There are plenty of coffee lovers to go around — and many of them are completely underserved.

Cafe2U’s core customers are the millions of workers who spend their day at a job site that doesn’t have access to good coffee. Either they are in a business complex or an industrial park where there isn’t much retail, in a medical office or bank where they cannot step away for a lunch break, or on a construction site where there is nothing available but freshly turned dirt and wooden beams.

The next time that you’re in your car, look around at all the banks, dentist offices, insurance agencies, car dealerships and other businesses that have 15-50 employees. These are Cafe2U’s regular Monday through Friday customers.

5.3 million businesses with 20 employees or less in 2008Typically, places with about 25 employees are ideal — they’re large enough to provide several customers each day, but still too small to offer their employees a lot of amenities like a nice kitchen, vending machines or good coffee. If employees have access to anything, it tends to be a crummy drip coffee — the kind that requires creamer and sweetener just to make it palatable.

Small businesses dominate the American landscape. There were 5.3 million businesses in the United States with 20 employees or fewer in 2008, according to the most recent data available from the U.S. Census Bureau. Together, those 5.3 million businesses employed 21.5 million people.

More than half of U.S. adults drink coffee. That’s a lot of customers.

Before Cafe2U sells a franchise, it develops a detailed profile of all the businesses in a territory. We like to see at least 750 businesses, and at least 250 businesses that fit our target size. All you need to do to have a successful Cafe2U franchise is sell coffee to 10-15 percent of those businesses. And while our territory sizes are generous, the routes that we help franchisees design are quite compact. Our entire coffee routes are usually shorter than the average American’s daily commute.

While a Cafe2U owner’s Monday through Friday business can provide a reliable, steady income, franchisees can also partner with the community in order to sell coffee at events. A Saturday college football game, a children’s soccer league or a charity race can give a Cafe2U owner a chance to sell hundreds of extra coffees while giving back to the community — typically giving back 10% of proceeds to the organization sponsoring the event. That could mean extra money for breast cancer research, new uniforms for a baseball team, or more scholarship money for a college athletics association.

It’s also a great way to meet new customers who will soon ask if you can stop by their office, too.

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