What is Cafe2U?

Not long ago, coffee in the United States meant one of two things: Regular or decaf drip coffee.

That’s been changing for the past two decades as coffee shops and espresso chains have popped up nationwide, introducing customers to the joys of espresso, cappuccino, macchiato, mocha, chai and other premium coffee drinks.

Cafe2U Overview:

There are now 20,000 coffee shops in the United States, mostly clustered in dense urban and high traffic areas. America, much like the rest of the globe, has become an espresso coffee craving country and millions of people now routinely spend $4 or more on their  morning latte. Espresso-based coffee drinks have become the norm for much of the country.

20,000 That’s how many coffee shops were operating in the United States in 2011, up from just 450 shops in 1991. — First Research; the National Coffee AssociationAs popular as espresso coffee has become, there are large numbers of daily coffee drinkers working in suburban office parks or in industrial areas who don’t have easy access to barista-made lattes, mochas and cappuccinos. These workers are often stuck with low-quality drip coffee from a workplace kitchen or vending machine.

That’s where Cafe2U comes in. Cafe2U has taken the espresso coffee shop and turned it into a mobile operation. A Cafe2U van is equipped with a real high end espresso machine, a professional espresso grinder, a generator, a refrigerator full of milk and other goodies, as well as a custom roasted espresso coffee blend that has been named  one of the best in the world in international competition.

Cafe2U coffee trucks operate on a daily route, servicing a series of businesses full of people who crave premium espresso coffee in the morning, during lunch and in the early afternoon.

When our bright red van pulls into a parking lot and blares its distinctive Godfather-themed horn, eyes light up as workers realize that the best part of their day has arrived. In many offices, office workers are also alerted to the van via text message or email. For the next 10-15 minutes, they get to step outside, socialize with friends and co-workers, chat with the barista, and enjoy an excellent cup of coffee.

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