Top-Rated Coffee

Cafe2U uses a special, hand-picked blend of nine coffee beans delivering a unique flavor.

You don’t succeed in the Australian coffee market unless you can make an excellent cup of coffee. The best-known American coffee shop brand found that out the hard way when it tried to expand in Australia and recently backed out of the country. We’re not going to name names — but it didn’t go well.

Cafe2U, on the other hand, has grown rapidly. From a handful of trucks in 2005 to more than 200 in Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States, Cafe2U continues to expand.

Delivering coffee directly to customers is the basis of a great business model, but it works only if the coffee surpasses what even a good coffee shop serves.

Our customers are often stunned when they first taste Cafe2U coffee because they aren’t expecting to get amazing lattes from the back of a van! That’s why Cafe2U owners looking for new customers generally hand out free samples at first — once people taste our coffee, skepticism melts away. The only question that’s generally left is: Wow! Will you come to my office every day?

We put our coffee to the test by entering it in international competitions. In 2010, Cafe2U became the first mobile coffee business to win a medal at the prestigious Golden Bean Roaster Competition, Australia’s premier coffee competition. We took home a bronze medal for our coffee blend, our only entry in the event, among more than 1,200 entries.

We put a lot of thought into our coffee. “We’ve selected nine beans, and we pull our espresso shots so that the coffee has a very nice flavor that sits pleasantly on the back of the tongue,” said Alan Biddle, director of international franchise development. “A coffee shop can serve someone a cup, then have an opportunity to serve another cup shortly thereafter. As a result, coffee shops often serve coffee that doesn’t have lasting taste. When your coffee is done, you want more because you can no longer taste it.”

That’s not the case with Cafe2U coffee. We love and respect coffee the way an oenophile reveres wine, with a deep appreciation for the process that creates it and the distinctions among different roasts and regions.

“Having coffee taste great and have a flavor that lasts for some time is important,” Biddle said. “We only have the opportunity to serve one cup, and we want our cup to be the best cup they have all day. In many ways, our carefully prepared cup of espresso is the highlight of a morning and keeps people craving more the next day.”

To see just how much thought goes into Cafe2U’s coffee, watch the video below as Biddle explains how the length of an espresso shot can radically alter the way coffee interacts with taste buds.

That’s just one example of Cafe2U’s expertise.

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