The Cafe2U Menu

Serena Lieu prepares espresso for customers.

Serena Liu prepares espresso for customers.

Cafe2U’s international award-winning espresso coffee blend is the star of our menu — but it’s far from the only thing we offer.

Our espresso menu includes regular espresso, macchiato, cappuccino, flat white (which is like a cappuccino without the creamy top), latté, latté delights (which are flavored with caramel, hazelnut or French vanilla), and mochas.

Blending espresso from the back of the Cafe2U van.

In addition to our hot espresso drinks, we also offer chai lattés, hot chocolate, ice blended frappes, sodas and mango, berry and tropical smoothies. We also sell sandwiches, wraps, salads, scones, cookies, muffins and cake.

Morning customers often grab a muffin or scone to go with their coffee. Cafe2U, in effect, brings them breakfast. Later in the day, customers will often grab a sandwich. In effect, we bring them lunch.

Chad Smith, who works at the Home Federal Bank in Eugene, Oregon, says that Cafe2U essentially serves as his office’s company cafeteria.

We work to ensure that the rest of our menu is just as good as our coffee. Our hot chocolate is a Cafe2U specialty blend that contains significantly more dutch cocoa than you’ll find in a typical chocolate bar — which gives it an incredibly rich flavor. Our chai lattés are also made using a special Cafe2U blend, with hints of cinnamon and black pepper adding nuance to the delicious drink.

We also carry syrups like caramel, french vanilla, hazelnut and peppermint that can be used to create flavored lattés.

The coffee, chai and smoothie drinks provide the highest margins for Cafe2U owners, but customers appreciatethe convenience of getting food from us, too. Franchisees work with local food vendors who supply fresh sandwiches, salads and baked goods. Cafe2U combines efforts with franchisees to identify food vendors who offer outstanding food — nobody wants to pair a nice latté with a gas station sandwich, so we make sure that the experience is gourmet all the way.

A Cafe2U cappuccino and a latte

A shot of espresso is $2, and most of our espresso-based drinks cost $3, $3.50 or $4. They come in three sizes — 8-, 12-, or 16-ounces. Sandwiches and wraps start at $4.50 and snacks usually start at $1.50 each.

While Cafe2U’s business is largely cash-based, owners use their smartphones and iPads to manage credit and debit card payments.

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