Guaranteeing a Successful Launch

One of the most unnerving things about starting a new business is wondering how you’ll get your first customers.

Cafe2U completely eliminates that worry by using one of the most unique launch strategies in the franchising industry — our unique “Acceleration Package.”

We learned that coffee trucks with the right routes and mix of businesses perform better over the long term if they are set up correctly at the beginning. It isn’t difficult to find 25 or 30 businesses that want espresso delivered; it does take experience to know which types are more likely to produce higher revenues for you.

To ensure you are off to the best and most profitable start, we send one of our experienced Franchisee Development Managers (FDM) to your location and they ride with you for the first two weeks.

Your Franchisee Development Manager (FDM) will help you develop the profile of a good stop, make your initial cold calls and walk you through every step in the process of getting clients off the ground so you don’t have to stress over your launch. They’ll be by your side every day and at the end of the two weeks, you’ll have a fully functioning route full of customers.

By having the assistance of your Franchise Development Manager on hand, it will allow you to concentrate on learning your business and enlightening customers by handing out samples and getting as many people as possible to taste your coffee.

Customers can join programs encouraging return visits.

As anyone who has ever tried to promote a business or a product knows, the most powerful word in the English language is “free.”

We encourage customers to sample our coffee. A lot of people will be skeptical about just how good of a cappuccino they can get from the back of a van. Tasting is believing.

After a day or two of free samples, we switch strategies: By now, those who have tried the coffee will be willing to pay for it. At this point the trick is getting the rest of their co-workers to join them for the daily coffee break — and we’ve got a great strategy for doing just that.

Before long, the entire office has given Cafe2U a try, and you’ve developed a solid core of customers who will be looking forward to their daily coffee break.

Once we leave, you’ll be able to focus on getting to know your customers and adding as many cups of coffee as you can to each stop. It doesn’t take much – one additional cup for each of your 25 or 30 stops and you’ve added $100 to your revenue for the day.

Interested in learning more? Download our free franchise report, and let’s start a conversation.