FAQ and Quick Facts

Why Cafe2U?

AFR Smart Investor Magazine has named Cafe2U as one of Australia’s best value franchises.  The benefits of becoming a franchise partner go beyond the fact you are joining a proven business system.As the worlds’ largest mobile coffee franchise there are over 180 other business people whose experience and expertise is readily available to you.

What do you get when you start a Cafe2U franchise?

Our unique Acceleration Package.

A fully fitted commercial van professionally fitted with:

• Commercial 2 group espresso coffee machine

• Top of the range, quiet gasoline generator

• High grade commercial food display and storage refrigerator

• Commercial on demand coffee grinder

• Cash drawer

• Food grade metal fittings throughout

• Dedicated hand washing facility

• Water supply and filtration system

• Product storage containers

• Fire extinguisher

• First aid kit

• Air horn

• Waste-water system

• Complete vehicle corporate branding

• Highest quality interior construction and fittings

• Events display materials

• Branded flying banner

You will also receive uniforms, loyalty program cards, a PR release to local media, business cards and menus, a unique corporate email address, a dedicated page on the Cafe2U website, business letterhead, Cafe2U coffee, Cafe2U chocolate, Cafe2U cups, Cafe2U syrups, Cafe2U sugar sticks, chai, stirrers and cup lids.

How does Cafe2U train new franchisees?

Cafe2U franchisees go through a 4-week training process.

Week 1: You will receive professional barista training at the Cafe2U Corporate Training Academy in Bend, Ore. You’ll learn the science of how to make a great espresso, what makes Cafe2U’s espresso special and safe food handling techniques. You will be taught best practices for local marketing, and will receive manuals that cover your training, business operations and business development plans. You’ll also learn how to operate the vehicle, how to service the equipment and how to troubleshoot problems.

Week 2: This week is spent on in territory preparation for your upcoming grand opening.  Working closely with your Franchise Development Manager, you will spend this week registering your vehicle, obtaining necessary permits, stocking your vehicle, and identifying potential business within your territory.

Week 3 and 4: These are your first two weeks in business.  Your Franchise Development Manager will get your business to full speed by cold-calling customers, showing you how to market your business to new customers and demonstrating the skills and techniques that lead to success. Before leaving, your Franchise Development Manager will develop a short-term plan with you to continue to grow your business while your skills and confidence develop. Remember that your Franchise Development Manager will be there to guide you for each new step you take.

What ongoing support does Cafe2U provide?

During the 10-year franchise agreement, your personal franchise development manager will be available on call for business support. The FDM will also be available for at least 4 site visits a year and a weekly telephone conference. Operational support is available all day.

Franchisees also receive a unique territorial customer list, professional mapping of customers, ongoing product development, preferred supplier agreements, national purchasing power, and your own webpage on our professionally maintained website.

How much does the franchise cost?

The total price of a new Cafe2U franchise, including your fully equipped Mobile Espresso Van starts at $104,396.

How strong are Cafe2U’s systems?

We have been able to develop a recognized brand through use of mainstream media and marketing initiatives involving our Franchise Partners.  We are able to provide our Franchise Partners with the necessary business tools, personal and business development skills and access to coaching and mentoring. Our system allows us to identify, develop and implement new products and operating methods. We are able to invest in detailed mapping information for our Franchise Partners. We negotiate supply agreements across all products and services to ensure that our Franchise Partners receive the best quality products at the best price.  We embrace technology and are able to drive innovation within the business. We do all of these things and more while always being able to provide dedicated technical and operational support to our Franchise Partners.

The Cafe2U franchise system has been designed for sustainability. Unlike other business models within the industry, the Cafe2U franchise system is not reliant on new franchise sales to fund the operation of the franchisor. This provides our Franchise Partners with confidence and peace of mind that their investment is protected into the future.

How is Cafe2U different than other mobile vending concepts?

Cafe2U is a genuine franchise system. It is unfortunate that there are businesses within the mobile cafe industry that claim to be franchise systems, however do not adhere to the basic fundamentals of franchising, which is to foster a mutually beneficial relationship with benefits and obligations attributed to both parties. These businesses are vehicle construction companies and are motivated by an upfront fee — not by ensuring your business success. These businesses ultimately damage the industry by acting in a cavalier manner or engaging in misrepresentation.

Cafe2U has invested heavily in recruiting the best management team of any company within the industry. Cafe2U International currently has over 12 head office staff with over 50 years of combined franchising experience and more than 100 years of coffee and hospitality experience.  There is no other business system within the industry with this level of experience and corporate knowledge.

Why are these services important to me?

Franchising is a 10-year business relationship and you need to be 100% comfortable with who you choose to go into business with. Many within the sector compare franchising to a marriage. Just like any marriage things can and do go wrong. With over 180 franchises currently operating internationally, Cafe2U has been able to demonstrate a proven track record in helping Franchise Partners to manage their own successful business.

Credibility is everything. It is for this reason that Cafe2U conducts a thorough selection process for each new candidate. By recruiting the best Franchise Partners we not only ensure that the Franchise Partner has the greatest chance of success, but also that the value of the franchise system and the businesses within it are retained at the highest level.

There is more to Cafe2U than just the vehicle and equipment. In fact this is the smallest component of the franchise system compared to the value that you will be able to extract to assist you in being a successful business owner.

How much can a Cafe2U Franchise Partner earn?

Espresso-based beverages  can account for over 75% of franchisees sales. This emphasizes the importance of selecting high quality products that complement beverage sales. The Cafe2U business model is based around high gross profit products combined with minimal operating costs. Franchise Partners have no wage or rent costs.  All Cafe2U Franchises perform at different levels depending on the aims and objectives of the individual franchisee. We recommend that you contact existing franchisees to discuss and understand their business performance.

Interested in learning more? Download our free franchise report, and let’s start a conversation.