Cafe2U Franchise Reviews


Serena and Steve Liu

Serena and Steve Liu

• “We already have about 30 businesses that we serve and there’s the potential for 600 to 700 businesses. You just start driving the route. By the fourth day, we were saturated with what we could do with one van. We’ll find another route and develop it as well.”

— Serena Liu, who started serving customers in Eugene, Oregon., in February 2012.

• “I have already recommended Cafe2U to many people in the USA. I have been contacted many times. Why do I like Cafe2U?  Flexibility, independence, it’s financially rewarding, but most of all, I have found it is fun! I love catching up with my customers/friends every day. Making their day actually makes my day.”

— Steve McCarthy of Tamworth, Australia, who started his Cafe2U business in 2010.

Lee Johns and Scott Bundy

• “One of the things they did was do a survey on me to see what aspects of the business I might be good at and what I might need help with, and they’re great at making sure I get the support that I need. I have my own web page. I send them my things and they handle the website and the marketing materials. When I had my first training day the managing director came in and spoke about what Cafe2U would give us. For someone who is probably really busy to take the time out and spend an hour with you, it gives you confidence that they’re not going to let you fail.”

— Lisa Minett of Chester Hill, a western suburb of Sydney, Australia. She started her Cafe2U in 2011.

• “Just the way they launch you is really tremendous. For the first two weeks, I had the franchise development manager with me every day, guiding me through the process, giving coffees away so that people would know the product, and talking to people and encouraging me and showing me the best way to encourage the business. I had my stepson working with me on the launch and we just went from there. It’s all just first class.”

— Michael Dolahenty of Cromer, Australia, who started his Cafe2U in 2010.

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