An Enormous Industry

$19 billion spent of coffee per year in the U.S. — National Coffee AssociationCoffee is the second most traded commodity in the world, behind only crude oil.

In the United States, coffee is a $19 billion a year industry, with 130 million consumers. More than half of American adults drink coffee regularly.

For decades, coffee meant one thing: Drip coffee. Remember the scene in “Elf” where Will Ferrell’s naïve character stopped in a New York diner after seeing a neon “world’s best coffee” sign? Remember his character’s disgust when he finally took a sip? Humor only works if there is a grain of truth involved. A lot of drip coffee is pretty awful. Until the 1990s, drip coffee was all that most Americans had ever tasted.

The espresso revolution finally gained a foothold in the U.S. in the 1990s as coffee shop culture exploded around the country — starting in Seattle and spreading nationwide. A lot of people tasted their first espresso-based drink and suddenly realized that coffee could be more than just a medicinal “wake me up.” Coffee could be really, really good. Suddenly, a 75 cent cup of substandard coffee didn’t seem like much of a deal. Instead, people were happy to pay $3 to $5 for a premium espresso drink that they could actually savor and enjoy.

But you can’t get an espresso coffee everywhere. With only 20,000 coffee shops serving over 130 million espresso drinkers, there are more places you can’t get a lattes than places you can.

Suburban office parks, industrial areas and medical complexes are frequently devoid of good coffee. For millions of Americans who have had an espresso coffee, it can be tough or near impossible to go back to drip brews. Americans now have a craving for outstanding coffee.

73% of adults in the U.S. had coffee in the past week. — National Coffee AssociationCheck out store shelves for evidence. Americans have been buying special single-cup coffee makers in droves, desperately trying to find something that can make a cup that comes close to the quality of a coffee shop espresso.

Cafe2U ends that desperate scramble by changing the way that customers get their espresso coffee. By visiting people at their place of work every day, we bring excellent, barista-made coffee directly to the customers.

Of course, work isn’t the only place where people want coffee. Cafe2U owners also partner with community organizations in order to provide espresso drinks at sports games, fundraisers, festivals and other events. Events give Cafe2U owners an extra way to make money and promote their business.

Cafe2U pioneered the mobile coffee van business model in Australia, and after just 7 years our vans already sell 4% of all the coffee consumed in Australia and 80% of the coffee sold by coffee vans — a percentage that continues to grow. In the United States, where Cafe2U will again pioneer the mobile espresso coffee concept, 4% of the coffee market would be $760 million.

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