Newest Cafe2U Franchisees Investigate Coffee Truck Franchise, Come Away Impressed

January 30th, 2013 by

David Bowman and Norm Amstutz visited Scott Phillips in Denver to see the Cafe2U coffee truck franchise in action.

Norman Amstutz, left, and David Bowman relax during a vacation in Key West. The pair will soon open the first Cafe2U franchise in Ohio, with David handling day-to-day operations.

Norman Amstutz, left, and David Bowman relax during a vacation in Key West. The pair will soon open the first Cafe2U franchise in Ohio, with David handling day-to-day operations.

David Bowman needed to find a new line of work. Fourteen years of driving public buses in Columbus, Ohio, had taken a toll. Sitting eight hours a day isn’t great for anybody, but imagine sitting for eight hours a day in the driver’s seat of a city bus, bouncing along, sometimes in older vehicles whose shocks and suspension have seen better days. The rolling ergonomic nightmare left David with an aching back and a desire to find a new career.

David and his partner, Norman Amstutz, a banker, originally thought they would open a pizza franchise, but a local chain that they liked wasn’t interested in expanding into Columbus, so the pair started exploring options. They eventually discovered Cafe2U, a coffee truck franchise that invented the idea of a mobile espresso van.

“Once we found Cafe2U, we were excited,” David says. “It’s such a great concept.”

They signed a franchise agreement in January and plan to get their Cafe2U coffee truck franchise rolling in April.

David and Norm visited Scott Phillips in Denver to see Cafe2U in action and were very impressed.

“We pulled into this shopping plaza and Scott was serving a Chase bank — and on both ends of the plaza there was a Starbucks, but the bank employees wanted Scott,” David says. “Starbucks was right there, and they preferred the Cafe2U product.”

Cafe2U has won medals in international coffee competitions, so it’s no surprise that customers become loyal after getting a taste, but Cafe2U’s main goal isn’t to compete with the Starbucks of the world — but to serve customers that Starbucks and other coffee shops don’t reach.

Cafe2U coffee food trucks follow a regular Monday-Friday route, providing coffee and other café menu items to about three dozen workplaces every day. A lot of those workplaces are tucked away in office parks or industrial sites that have a lot of workers, but not much retail. A great coffee shop isn’t always convenient. When Cafe2U arrives, it’s like an ice cream truck for adults.

“We got to talk to some of the customers, and they just love the product and the fact that they don’t have to leave work in the middle of the day to go get a great cup of coffee,” Norm says, explaining Cafe2U’s appeal.

When it opens in April, David and Norm’s Cafe2U will concentrate its service on Dublin, Ohio, which has a lot of white-collar workers who should be appreciative of a high-quality coffee break in the middle of their work day.

“It’s exciting to bring something new to Columbus,” Norm says. “There’s nothing like Cafe2U here.”

This will be the sixth location for Cafe2U, which began franchising in the United States in 2012 and has already established a coast-to-coast presence. The brand was born in Australia in 2000, began franchising in 2005, and has about 200 franchises nationwide.

If you’re interested in starting your own business in the $19 billion a year American coffee market, check out Cafe2U’s research pages to learn about our market niche, startup costs and franchise support; read our blog to find stories from Cafe2U franchisees; fill out this form to download a free franchise report and start a conversation; or give us a call at 855-522-3328.

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