Mobile Coffee Shop is a Great Way to Outsmart the Location Conundrum

January 23rd, 2013 by

Cafe2U mobile coffee shop franchise offers a way to beat high overhead, go where the most customers are

Imagine what would happen if the “Friends” gang had a reunion. They’d all show up at Central Perk, looking for the big purple couch, only Central Perk wouldn’t be there anymore. Instead, it would be an organic foods store. Or a dry cleaners. Or a fair-trade baby clothier.

We may never know what that would do to Ross and Rachel’s ever-troubled relationship, but we can be sure of one thing: The old real estate adage “location, location, location” can really be put to the test when it comes to business. Because the reality is, neighborhoods change. Rents go up. Competitors move in.

The beautiful thing about a Cafe2U mobile coffee shop franchise is that it’s not tied down by a lease, so its fate isn’t determined by a dot on the map. Location is wherever you — and your customers — want it to be. Cafe2U franchise owners get that signature red van loaded up with everything they need for a premium coffee shop, and they take it to wherever the customers are. And when it comes to customers, Cafe2U takes direct aim at a unique niche: the millions of coffee drinkers who are stranded at office parks and other worksites that lack access to good coffee.

Franchise owners stop by dozens of businesses each day. The route changes as frequently as you need it to, providing the sort of flexibility you can’t get with other businesses. Cafe2U helps franchise owners develop their initial route, then coaches them as they adjust it to find the biggest pockets of customers and maximize their profits.

The flexibility to follow customers isn’t the only advantage of having a mobile coffee shop. There’s no high overhead and no worry that the landlord will raise the rent. Franchise owners can spend their time focusing on delivering premium coffee drinks, baked treats, sandwiches and cocoa to customers whose previous food options tended toward gas station burritos, beef jerky and office coffee. No wonder they’re so happy when Cafe2U shows up!

Hannah Ames, an employee of Cafe2U franchise owner Serena Liu, serves a customer at one of their stops in Eugene, Ore.

Hannah Ames, an employee of Cafe2U franchise owner Serena Liu, serves a customer at one of their stops in Eugene, Ore.

And another advantage? Franchise owners get to enjoy a special kind of freedom that comes from not being stuck behind a counter all day. Instead, you’re driving to a variety of businesses, enjoying a constant change of scenery, and getting out at every stop to serve your customers while you chat them up.

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