How Does a Cafe2U Gourmet Coffee Truck Operate?

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Cafe2U coffee trucks put a unique twist on the food truck business model

Michael Dolahenty Cafe2U

Cafe2U food trucks flip the typical food truck business model.

Cafe2U gourmet coffee trucks may not be Santa Claus, but don’t tell that to long-suffering workers who are suddenly freed from drinking office coffee that tastes like it was made by brewing coal. The vans are big, red and jolly and deliver treats and good cheer — and they’re now plying their trade coast-to-coast in the United States.

The company, which was founded in Australia in 2000, opened its first franchise in the United States in February in Eugene, Ore., and now has franchises in Chico, Calif.; Denver; Naples, Fla.; and Savannah, Ga. The company started franchising in 2005 and has 200 mobile espresso vans worldwide.

It pioneered the concept of the mobile espresso van, and it’s the largest mobile espresso van franchise in the world. How has it succeeded?

Flipping the food truck business model

Food trucks typically move from location to location throughout a city, and while they can try to position themselves in areas with high foot traffic, they ultimately rely on customers to come to them. As a result, most food truck operators have to devote enormous amounts of energy to marketing in the hopes that customers will be willing to track them down and spend money.

Like other food trucks, Cafe2U vans are on the move — but we have a very different approach to serving our customers. Rather than asking our customers to follow us to our location, we follow them to their workplaces.

Cafe2U coffee truck business

Customers fill the parking lot outside their office to order drinks and snacks from Cafe2U in Eugene, Ore.

“A lot of places where people work don’t have access to good coffee, or many food options, and Cafe2U is a godsend for those folks,” says Cafe2U USA President and CEO Scott Bundy. “We roll into underserved workplaces and bring them this excellent café experience, letting them order the espresso drinks they love and get a bite to eat rather than brown-bagging it and settling for whatever they serve in the break room.”

Cafe2U helps franchise owners establish a Monday-Friday route in which they stop by about three dozen businesses each day, arriving at the same time each day to provide a cherished coffee break. Franchise owners see the same customers every day — and some workplaces practically set their watches by the arrival of Cafe2U in their parking lot.

“When you’re late by 10 or 15 minutes they’re like, ‘Thank goodness, I was afraid you weren’t coming!’” says Steve Payk, a franchise owner in Australia. “You build up a clientele, and they get the same thing every day. Your client base is steady. And they spread the word.”

Cafe2U has plans for 1,000 franchises to eventually serve customers in the United States. To learn more and to read reviews from American franchise owners, visit For even more information, fill out this form to download a free franchise information report, and let’s start a conversation!

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