Food Trucks For Sale: Why Cafe2U is a Good Choice

November 28th, 2012 by

Cafe2U’s proven track record improves your odds of food truck nirvana

Cafe2U coffee food truck

Serena Liu, who owns the Cafe2U in Eugene, Ore., serves customers at one of the three dozen businesses she visits each day.


Entrepreneurs looking for businesses with low start-up costs are flocking to food trucks, embracing a craze for mobile cuisine that shows no signs of slowing down.

A report released this year by research firm IBISWorld says that food truck revenue hit $1.2 billion nationwide in 2009 and since has grown at a rate of 8.4 percent a year. That raises an obvious question for entrepreneurs: Where can I find food trucks for sale? What are the pros and cons?

Here’s some advice, as well as some reasons we hope you’ll consider a Cafe2U espresso food truck:

Find your niche

Food trucks need to stand out from the crowd if they ever hope to draw one, So you’ll need more than just a roving snack bar. Maybe it’s a truck that serves gourmet macaroni and cheese or Korean BBQ tacos. Maybe you specialize in fish ‘n’ chips or lobster rolls. In any case, you need to pick a unique speciality that serves what your community wants to eat.

Cafe2U’s niche is incredible coffee and other café offerings. Our espresso food trucks put a twist on the normal food truck model. Rather than sticking to one or two locations a day, we make as many as three dozen stops, going directly to small and mid-sized workplaces that don’t have cafeterias or nearby coffee shops.

Cafe2U trucks provide a gourmet boost to previously deprived employees. We’re like an ice cream truck for office workers: When they hear our musical horn, they come streaming out with smiles.

Starting a food truck

First impressions matter, so you need to have the kinks worked out of your business model before you try to land your first customers — otherwise, you’re going to be traveling a much tougher road.

Cafe2U started franchising in 2005 and has grown from 12 vans in Australia to 200 worldwide. We’ve grown by offering excellent coffee and a solid business model, and we provide extensive training and support to Cafe2U food truck owners.

We’re extremely proud of the way we help new Cafe2U owners launch their businesses. Read what Cafe2U food owners in Denver and Savannah, Ga., say about their launches.

Business management for food trucks

Food truck operators devote a lot of energy to what will sell but often overlook management. How do you track cash flow, manage inventory and maintain food quality? How do you analyze your market to ensure you’re driving your truck to the right places?

Cafe2U provides extensive training, develops recipes, serves coffee that has earned medals in international competition, and carefully analyzes each franchise owner’s territory.

Having a life

If you decide to start a food truck, we hope you enjoy it, because you’ll probably be devoting most of your life to it.

Cafe2U is an exception — our franchise owners are typically done with their day by early to mid-afternoon — but most food truck owners work around-the-clock hours., which follows the food truck industry, warns: “Be prepared to devote your time — all of it — to your new business endeavor … Weekends and holidays will shrink if not disappear completely.”

That’s typical advice for just about any small business, but it’s not the case for Cafe2U owners. Yes, you can devote yourself to the business full-time if you want to maximize your revenue by catering night and weekend events, but many of our franchise owners rely on their Monday-Friday routes for nearly all of their income, which frees them to spend time with family and friends.

To find out more about Cafe2U, and how you can start an espresso coffee food truck, check out our research pages and our blog, where you can read Q&As with franchise owners. For even more, fill out this form to download our free franchise information report, and let’s start a conversation!

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