Food Truck Business Plans: What You Need to Know

March 25th, 2013 by

Unique food truck business plan helps Cafe2U coffee food trucks avoid common pitfalls

Cafe2U franchisee Serena Liu, center, serves customers in Eugene, Ore.

Cafe2U franchisee Serena Liu, center, serves customers in Eugene, Ore.

Here’s what you need to know about Cafe2U’s food truck business plan: We have a proven track record of success that helps entrepreneurs avoid the common pitfalls other food trucks face.

Food trucks are booming. What started out as a craze in Los Angeles has rapidly spawned into a billion-dollar industry where the mobile eateries are serving everything from Korean tacos, Hawaiian French Toast, pizza, sushi and southern-style barbeque.

But even as consumer demand surges for the convenience and the unique offerings of mobile cuisine, entrepreneurs still face some daunting obstacles.

Finding customers, marketing, attracting people to your niche, developing a sustainable business plan — all can be major stumbling blocks.

With Cafe2U, entrepreneurs get training and support so they don’t have the obstacles of starting a new business in the dark. Cafe2U starts franchisees on a solid path through training in Bend, Ore. There you’ll learn the art of whipping up a great espresso, study safe food handling techniques, along with the best ways to market your food truck.

You’ll also learn how to track cash flow, maintain good inventory and analyze your market so you can maximize profits.

As for attracting customers to your niche in the market, well, Cafe2U has found a pretty big niche. Americans spend $19 billion a year on coffee, and while it may seem like there’s a Starbucks on every corner in some areas, many people work in offices or other workplaces that don’t have a nearby coffee shop to scratch the itch for a quality cup of joe.

Cafe2U meets that demand by visiting dozens of workplaces every day, bringing the coffee shop directly to its customers. The company has grown from 12 vans in Sydney, Australia, in 2005 to 203 worldwide.

How do you find those customers? Cafe2U is there with franchisees for the first two weeks of business, helping you build your delivery routes and analyzing the demographics of your market so you have the business intelligence you need to make adjustments — and make money.

If you’re looking for a food truck business plan and don’t already have your heart set on a Oaxacan-themed taco truck — what, Holy Molé is already in business!? — then take a look at our business plan, which sets us apart from the crowd. Learn more at If you’re ready to learn more, fill out a form to download our free franchise information report and we’ll start a conversation. Good luck!


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