Coffee Franchise Opportunity: Cafe2U Invents a New Kind of Coffee Shop

March 12th, 2013 by

Cafe2U brings a new kind of coffee franchise opportunity to the United States: a mobile espresso van, which is like an ice cream truck for adults

Cafe2U coffee franchises squeeze a full barista bar into a van, which allows owners to serve underserved customers in places like office parks.

Cafe2U coffee franchises squeeze a full barista bar into a van, which allows owners to serve underserved customers in places like office parks.

People looking for a coffee franchise opportunity are often taken aback by the high cost of commercial space, the cost of labor, and the hours of toil required to make a retail location profitable. So how has Cafe2U, an upstart Australian franchise, managed to explode from 12 coffee franchises in 2005 to 203 today?

By rewriting the rules.

Cafe2U pioneered a new idea — the mobile coffee shop — which proved to be a popular new niche. After growing in Australia, then in the United Kingdom, Cafe2U brought its business concept to the United States in 2012, and has been expanding here — with an ultimate goal of 1,000 Cafe2U franchisees putting lattés, mochas, americano and other specialties into the hands of grateful customers nationwide.

Here’s what makes the mobile espresso van concept special: Americans are hooked on their coffee and there are no signs of that love affair abating. More than three out of four adult Americans drink coffee either daily or regularly, the National Coffee Association says.

Espresso-craving Americans are routinely willing to shell out $4 or more for a morning fix or an afternoon pickup. It’s a $19 billion a year industry! But many premium coffee lovers work in areas that don’t have coffee shops handy. That’s where Cafe2U comes to the rescue, bringing the coffee shop experience directly to the doorstep of businesses.

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For people working in suburban office parks or industrial areas— who are often stuck with low-quality coffee from an automatic drop maker, or worse yet, the workplace vending machine — Cafe2U is a daily jolt of joy. Of course, neighborhoods change and businesses move. Many great retailers wind up going out of business because their customers either never show up or eventually disappear. The fact that Cafe2U is mobile means is is not only able to serve underserved customers — it’s also able to shift its delivery routes to go where customers are.

Cafe2U coffee trucks travel a daily Monday-Friday route and make dozens of stops at different businesses, satisfying the cravings of people in the morning, during lunch or in the early afternoon. And franchise owners can easily adjust those routes to pick up more customers during the day. They can also add to their profits by working special events in the evenings or on weekends.

If you’re interested in starting your own business in the $19 billion a year American coffee market, check out Cafe2U’s research pages to learn about our market niche, startup costs and franchise support; read our blog to find stories from Cafe2U franchisees; fill out this form to download a free franchise report and start a conversation; or give us a call at 855-522-3328.

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