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Franchise news site uses Cafe2U mobile coffee shop franchise to illustrate lessons for successful businesses

Franchise news website recently featured the Cafe2U food truck franchise in an article that focused on the value of innovation and picking the right niche in order to grow a successful business.

From the article by reporter Sherri Starcher:

“We talked often enough about the value of franchises offering smaller franchise locations to cater to just about any situation – whether it’s a kiosk in the middle of a university student center, an airport food court, or a mobile franchise.  One franchise, Cafe2U, is taking the flexibility of a mobile franchise to a whole new level by offering only coffee houses on wheels.

NMS_2139“The mobile coffee house franchise caters to corporate office areas where workers can’t slip away for a drawn out coffee break and where there aren’t many coffee and lunch options to choose from. … A mobile coffee shop franchise, though seemingly in a league of its own, can teach us a thing or two about business success. For one, always identify an under-served niche. In this case, office workers with few dining options were happy recipients of a brand new coffee brand. Second, make it really easy for your potential customers to access your product. Cafe2U has built their entire business banking on the captive office workers with little time to explore other dining options.

A fast-growing brand

Cafe2U started in Australia in 2000 and began franchising in 2005, expanded into the United Kingdom in 2006 and into the United States in 2012. Cafe2U USA quickly established a coast-to-coast presence in its first year, helping entrepreneurs launch the brand in California, Oregon, Colorado, Georgia and Florida. Another franchise is scheduled to open in Ohio in April. As of February, the company has 203 franchisees worldwide.

coffee-spending“Cafe2U is a dominant brand in Australia and the United Kingdom, and it is already beginning to have the same success here,” says Cafe2U USA President and CEO Scott Bundy, who thinks the American market can ultimately support up to 1,000 Cafe2U mobile espresso vans. “We have the world’s biggest coffee market — people spend $19 billion a year — but a lot of people are stuck in out-of-the-way workplaces or have busy jobs that prevent them from running out to a coffee shop. We bring the coffee shop to them, and they love that!”

Cafe2U’s innovations go well beyond its niche as a mobile coffee shop. To learn about the inventive way it launches franchisees’ businesses, the care that goes into its coffee, and the breadth of its menu, check out You can also find Cafe2U franchise reviews from Cafe2U owners at our blog. If you’d like to learn even more, fill out a form to download our free franchise report, and we’ll give you a call — or give us a ring at 1-855-522-3328. Let’s see if Cafe2U is the right fit for you!

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