Cafe2U Coffee Franchise Salutes Another Advance in Coffee Science!

December 26th, 2012 by

Intrepid coffee researchers win a tongue-in-cheek award in fluid dynamics

Cafe2U takes its coffee and its coffee franchise business seriously, but we try to have fun, too. So we tip our cups to Rouslan Krechetnikov and Hans Mayer, the intrepid scientists who won a 2012 Ig Nobel Prize for their study “Walking With Coffee: Why Does It Spill?”

Cafe2U also solved the challenge of dealing with the fluid dynamics of coffee in motion: Lids.

Cafe2U also solved the challenge of dealing with the fluid dynamics of coffee in motion: Lids.

In case you’re wondering, the Ig Nobel Prizes are tongue-in-cheek parodies of the Nobel Prize given by Improbable Research, an organization that highlights humorous scientific studies. (Other awards this year were given to scientists who found meaningful brain activity in dead salmon; and to the U.S. Government Accountability Office for “issuing a report about reports about reports that recommends the preparation of a report about the report about reports about reports,” to quote the prize committee.)

Krechnetnikov and Mayer studied the important question of why so many people spill their coffee while they walk. (And we’ll take this opportunity to mention that Cafe2U offers lids to customers.) In a show of diligence that rivals our approach to finding the perfect roast, the scientists worked out a series of equations taking into account the size and shape of the cup, the biomechanics of the walker’s gait and the viscosity of the coffee. They used high-speed cameras to study the variables and even tested whether volunteers were more likely to spill while being careful or carefree.

The research’s ultimate finding? Rapid acceleration = coffee spills, so it’s better to start off at a languid pace and gradually pick up speed.

It’s a good thing Cafe2U franchises use lids, because we hit the ground running. If you’re looking for a coffee business that you

would enjoy operating, then take a look at our research pages and blog. You’ll read about our own rapid acceleration package that gives franchise owners a huge head-start on their business. You’ll also get to read all about the fun that our franchise owners are having with their new businesses. Want to know more? Fill out the “request information” form and let’s start a conversation!


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