A Former Barista’s Review of Cafe2U Coffee

October 22nd, 2012 by

Former coffee shop worker is a big Cafe2U fan

Cafe2U barista

Cafe2U owner Serena Liu with customer Jacob Wallace.

Jacob Wallace spent two and a half years as a barista, so he knows his way around an espresso machine.

“I’m kind of picky about my coffee,” the Eugene, Ore., man says.

Eugene, like other cities in the Pacific Northwest, has plenty of coffee connoiseurs. So when Cafe2U showed up this spring at the car dealership where Jacob works, he had reason to be skeptical. Really, how good could coffee from the back of a van possibly be?

Well, Jacob?

“It’s one of the best cups of coffee in this town,” he says. “The equipment is top notch. The roast is just excellent and it’s an amazing service.”

Jacob says he likes that Serena Liu’s Cafe2U mobile espresso van brings coffee and sandwiches directly to him, which means he doesn’t have to leave Subaru’s premises — where he works — and miss a possible sale.

Cafe2U puts a lot of thought into both its business model and its coffee. The company uses an award-winning blend of beans that deliver a smooth, complex flavor when properly brewed. A $7,000 espresso machine in each Cafe2U van ensures that the water stays between 198º and 201ºF, and that it is pumped through at a consistent pressure. A $1,000 grinder allows baristas to adjust the coffee grounds so that, regardless of atmospheric conditions, the brewing process lasts for 28 seconds. That’s the sweet spot for Cafe2U — producing a drink that is bold and memorable while not overpowering or burnt.

Cafe2U coffee truck

Cafe2U stops by businesses at the same time every day and takes coffee orders. It’s sort of like an ice cream truck for adults.

Cafe2U also targets small to mid-sized workplaces that don’t have easy access to coffee shops or other restaurants. Employees who’ve had to brown bag it or turn to a vending machine for breakfast or lunch are thrilled at the opportunity to order coffee and a gourmet sandwich or snack from franchise owners like Serena.

Cafe2U has more than 200 franchisees serving Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany and New Zealand. It invented the mobile espresso van concept in Australia and brought the concept to the United States in 2011. Interested in learning more about starting a Cafe2U mobile espresso van franchise? Click here to research Cafe2U, and fill out the form at the upper right in order to download our free franchise report.

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